Have spreadsheets taken over your business?

Do you constantly copy and paste data between applications?
Is document duplication and collaboration via email creating confusion?

I can help.

I build software solutions for your business problems.

From single purpose desktop database applications to full-blown web-based data management systems (and everything in between), I apply a unique combination of Industrial and Systems Engineering training with software development skills to solve your business data problems.

Banish those pesky spreadsheets, and replace them with a solution custom-designed to meet YOUR business needs.

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Appropriate Technology

For web-based solutions, I use standards compliant web technology (ASP.NET, HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery) to create interactive sites and applications that can be used in any web browser.

For single purpose desktop projects, I use Microsoft Access.

Mobile Capabilities

I use principles of responsive design and "mobile first" to create sites and applications targeted for mobile devices.

Where offline access is required, I use WebSQL and LocalStorage technology to enable data storage for synchronization when a data connection is available.

Data Storage

For large scale projects, I use open source MySQL for data storage needs. For smaller projects, I use Microsoft Access in a front-end/back-end configuration.

I'm comfortable working with any ODBC-compliant database, so I can integrate new solutions with your existing data storage.

Engineering Experience

My background in Industrial & Systems Engineering provides unique insight into the process-oriented aspects of application development.

I don't just automate your processes, I can make your processes more efficient.